Robotic Fabrication



Robotic Fabrication Cell  in Melbourne! Our custom made robotic fabrication cell consists of a KUKA KR120 R2900 Absolute Accuracy robot with a 7th axis being vertical rotation.  The robot was also upgraded to include KUKA.CNC motion controller for increased performance.  All programmed with SprutCAM robot offline programming software.  The Robotic Hot-wire cutter greatly increased efficiency with EPS foam cutting and can reduce hours of roughing from conventional CNC’s to just a few minutes with the hot wire cutter.  Being robot experts, machining and pattern making experts we build the robot system ourselves and tested it to fully understand its capabilities.  The design of the equipment allows for quick changes to the setup to streamline production and enable new robot end effectors to be added if required. 3D extrusion print heads, robotic incremental forming attachments, and sewing attachments can all be added to the robot.


Robotic Machining Australia based in Melbourne works in conjunction with Special Patterns Pty Ltd.  Combined we have over 40 years in Pattern Making and 15 years in robotics.  Making us uniquely qualified to build robots systems and uses robot for machining and trimming applications. Please visit Special Patterns for more information.  The robotic milling cell here in Melbourne combined with several 5 and 3 axis CNC Machining Centres allow us to machine any material and any shape.  Digital fabrication allows for speed when moving from CAD to CAM to the real thing.  As the creative industry and the robotic architecture movement gains momentum, RMA will be ready to take new production methods to industry.


There are many robotic milling setup around the world, using a variety of robot types and configuration for digital fabrication. Understanding robots and machining methods led us to want to push the limits with the robots accuracy and functionality.  KUKA.CNC allowed us to do this and it is the only dedicated robot machining setup in Australia running it.  It enables the robot fabrication cell to run G-code like any CNC machine would.  This gives the robot the ability to look much further ahead in the code and gain much more control with its acceleration and deceleration parameters virtually eliminating overshoot.  KUKA.CNC also allows for virtually unlimited program file size to be run on the robot  with over 1 million lines successfully tested by KUKA.


The Robot Cell is configurable and available for research project.  Click here for more info.