Robot Hire


Our Robotic research facility is available for hire to Industry and Universities!  With robotic architecture project or research and development projects, robot time is becoming harder to get as it become increasingly popular.  And outsourcing your 500 unique parts to be machined makes your project too expensive.  Or your robotic 3d prints take hours and hours and just can’t be done. At Robotic Machining Australia you can book the robotic equipment for short or long periods and with correct training, run the equipment yourself!  Robotic Engineers are available to support along with robot CAM software.  The Cell is configurable, the spindle can be removed and your own head added, with programmable signals and pneumatic’s available at the roll face.  Everything you need for 3d printing, extruding, stacking, sewing, machining, single point incremental forming, filming and what ever else you can think to do with a robot. The Robot Hire is available for Educational and Research requirements, request a quote when planning your next big project.  Workshop facilities, composite wet lay up and curing are also available to help in the Assembly or testing of your project. Laser Cutting, sheet metal folding and metal fabrication can also be coordinated.

Here the system was configured for robotic filming of products.  The Spindle was removed and Camera and lights were added!

Robot hire
Robot filming

Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory (SIAL) from the School of Architecture and Design RMIT University recently accessed the robot cell for trimming and fitment for these pods.



Robotic research facility
Robot machining cell
Robot filming
Spindle has been removed and the camera added