robotic hot wire cutting

Robotic Hot Wire Cutting

Robotic hot wire cutting: 7 axis robotic hot wire cutting is a fast and efficient way of cutting ruled geometry in EPS foam.  However with the machining spindle, hot wire cut parts can have further definition added.  Use of the hot wire cutter also improves machining time as it is easily used to “rough” the parts, saving countless hours of roughing with the spindle and a lot less foam mess. The hot wire cutter tool is 2m long and when mounted on a 2.9m reach robot with its turn table this enable large hot wire cut parts. Plain or textured hard urethane coatings are available to make your shapes light weight and strong. Seamless modelling paste can also be applied to EPS foam which adds a 25mm thick hard coat that can be machined and finished to the highest standards. Allowing your parts to have a light weight foam core and a thick dense machinable hard exterior coating. A 2 axis- 6m long CNC hot wire foam cutter also available on site for extra long parts.