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7 Axis Robot Milling

7 Axis Robotic Milling

Large format 7 axis robotic milling in Melbourne!  The unique thing about our robot system is that the table (rotary 7th axis) has several positions on a 8th axis manual linear slide.  This enables us to move the rotary table close to the robot when machining a tall part and move it away when the part has a large diameter.  This allows for maximun flexibility of work space and less restrictions on job size.  The robot system is for milling soft material; foams, woods, plastics and resin boards.  At the heart is a Absolute Accuracy KUKA robot running KUKA.CNC with a 9kw HSD electric spindle.  Having a day job building robot milling systems for a living has allowed us to utilise all the best technology available for the robot mill.  Understand the robots limitations led us to purchase KUKA.CNC. Which is a control option for the robot,  It not too common in the industry as its comes with a decent price tag, but if your serious about robot milling its a must have.  In short (with out getting too technical) KUKA.CNC changes the robots motion kernel to increase its accuracy and performance.  You can read more about KUKA.CNC here.  While robots are repeatable (±0.05) the accuracy of a robots path is a total different game.  Understanding the kinematics behind this made it a must to chooses a Absolute Accurate robot.  Again this is a factory option with the robot as its has a extra process before it leaves KUKA where the robot gets “tuned” with external devices to greatly improve the robots path (vector between points) accuracy.

Robotic Milling in Melbourne

On site with Special Patterns, 5 and 3 axis CNC machines are also available for higher accuracy and harder materials.  Unique shaped items such as Tree Trunks or branches can be digitised in house and then milled with the robot allowing your sculptures or work pieces to stand out.  The robot setup is very flexible and can accommodate any work piece, from tree trunks to EPS foam.  With our hybrid foam cutting techniques, hours of machining time in EPS can be eliminated. This time reduction allows us to be ultra competitive in the market place when cutting and sculpting EPS foam.  Various coatings can be applied to foam to make it durable and paintable.  Facilitating light weight displays or signage.


EPS foam robot machining
EPS foam machining
Robot milling
High precision machining of medium density resin board
robotic milling in melbourne
Robot milling setup with extraction