Robotic Fabrication Workshop

Robotic Fabrication Workshop

Robotic Fabrication Workshop

4 Day SprutCAM and KUKA Robot Workshop

In conjunction with Special Patterns Pty Ltd we offer a 4 day robotic fabrication workshop covering offline programming training in SprutCAM and Robot fundamentals for KRL offline programming.  The Course is targeted at University workshop staff, research fellows and students that want to get a leg up in digital fabrication and robotic architecture. The workshop is run in groups of 4 and runs for 4 days on site at Special Patterns in Braeside, Victoria.  The workshop  is run on a regular basis but generally run between semesters. However it can be run any time when a group of 4 has been booked in.  Training is divided between hands on with SprutCAM and hands on with the robot, this ensures you have all the right tools to accurately run your own 3 or 5 axis CNC machine,  KUKA milling robot and SprutCAM software labs.  A basic understanding of KUKA robots is required.

EDU licences are fully functional and free.  SprutCAM covers additive and subtractive manufacturing and we can supply enough licences for your classroom and staff.  SprutCAM can be used to program any CNC or Robot brand and has a enormous amount of support information on the internet. For commercial application or industrial use it is tier priced, which makes it very competitive and affordable.

Workshop Content

  • Introduction to SprutCAM
  • Part Import and Setup
  • Work selection and tool parameters
  • 3 axis roughing
  • Finishing operations
  • 5D contouring
  • 2D robotic hot wire cutting
  • 5D robotic hot wire cutting
  • Robot fundamentals for KRL offline programming
  • Finding the TCP using a digital probe (information on the probe and how to add it to your robot is provided)
  • 7th axis centre of rotation adjustments
  • Introduction to KUKA.CNC
  • Hybrid hot wire cutting and machining with SprutCAM
  • Robot trials
  • Tooling, Cutters and Feed Rates
  • Q&A / Robot Trials

Bookings / Contact:

Download the SprutCAM Course flyer

Phone: 03 8587 4805


Cost AUD $1,500 per person